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    Axe Bass and Details

    From someone that is making their first prop ever, using the 48mm block and a 6mm roll of foam to create Marceline's axe bass from Adventure Time has been much easier to do than I had anticipated. I bought the black foam, used a metallic marker to sketch out the design, and used a box cutter to cut out the main pieces. I did have to invest in a dremel/grinder much sooner than I had hoped to since my knife was not long enough to cut the foam fully and smoothly in one pass. I ended up with very rough edges from multiple passes, BUT the foam itself is very forgiving if you follow some simple guidelines. Check out Youtube for tons and tons of tutorials from all kinds of creators. I can confidently say that I will be purchasing more foam for future projects.

    Highly recommend using a light color to mark the foam if you are going to be using the black version so you can actually see what you are doing, and make sure your knife/blade is long enough to go through the foam fully to get a smooth edge. Don't be like me and end up suffering.

    Spencer Heiner
    excellent Foam

    The shipping, and packaging was great. I received my order very quickly and it is meeting my expectations. This foam is excellent.

    Monique Meneses

    They were easy to cut and use.

    Richmond Montebon

    EVA Foam Sheets

    Jose Munoz
    Great Product

    Great quality! Faster shipping than Amazon.