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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    The perfect gift for a cosplayer friend!

    She loved every single item!

    Robert Feltner
    Like it but… The Packaging

    I really liked it. However upon opening up the container I attempted to gently pull out the bag of clay. At the slightest tug the bag ripped from side to side leaving me with the closed zipper end in my hand. Thankfully my wife and I worked quickly to transfer as much clay as we could to a Ziplock sandwich bag we had on hand and that is how it currently sits in the tub. Further inspection revealed that the bag had likely split halfway down the bag completely. My thoughts are possibly to suggest a better bag whether it’s a less cheaper option or just a different plastic that’s stronger. Otherwise I’ve made my first project and it’s very cool how it works.

    Nicholas Dunn

    It works great, there were some uneven streaks of black in it, and some parts were extremely sticky to work with at start

    Alicia Cyphers
    Great Foam Clay

    The product is amazing. I have tried other foam clays and this one dries the hardest (making it super easy to sand) and doesn't expand almost at all once dried.

    On a side note, my initial clay I received had exploded/dried by the time it arrived. The company was super nice about replacing the foam clay fairly quickly. Overall amazing product and service!

    Nerds Gone Mild Cosplay
    Great foam, fast delivery!

    There seems to be a foam clay shortage and I’m SO glad Cosplay Pros had some in stock! The foam worked perfectly and got here quickly.