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    Sponsored cosplayer
    Hey all! My name is Kirstie, though you may know me through my Instagram handle, Vyndi! I am an Arizona based costumer with a strange affinity for detailed designs. The first costume that I can remember wearing was to KatsuCon in 2005 with my friend Carrie; I was a priest from Ragnarok Online (This costume was actually commissioned from FireFly Path!!).
    My friend had mentioned that she made her own costumes, and I was instantly interested in the creative side of costuming. Since then, I have built something or another (to varying degrees of success) every year since! Recently, I also started an Instagram where I try to focus on work in progress style photos.
    Foam work has slowly cemented itself as my favorite method of crafting, and has allowed me to achieve the crazy dimensions of some of my favorite armor designs! Often I find inspiration from other costumers who share behind the scenes photos of their builds, so I hope that I can put a little bit of that back into the world too. Click here to follow Vyndi on Instagram! Photo by
    Sponsored cosplayer spotlight
    Sara Moni grew up in Phoenix and had a fascination with fantasy and sci-fi. In high school, she taught herself to sew by sewing together t-shirts, which would become an introduction into creating cosplay outfits. Sara started cosplaying regularly in 2010 and would attend various conventions and events. In 2012, she was discovered at Phoenix Comicon by the charity group, the Arizona Avengers.
    She is still an active member in the organization, visiting libraries, schools, hospitals for children.  In addition to cosplaying, Sara is a model and has appeared in multiple magazines. Her goal with costuming is to shed light on lesser known characters and do unique things with costuming to keep it fresh. Click here to follow Sara on Instagram! Photo by @eventualphotography