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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 113 reviews

    One of the 2 sheets had a rather massive air bubble in one corner. Fortunately I can work around it.

    Cyrus Vania
    Too heavy.

    If you are planning to use this foam for cosplay I would recommend it. I bought this to be an ultra-lightweight sleeping pad. I ran into a problem when I weighed the foam. It was almost twice as heavy as it should have been. My sheet weighed 104 grams when it should have weighed about 57 grams. I got the 0.5m x 1.5m at 2mm thick sheet (in black). At a density of 38kg/m^3, the sheet should weigh approximately 57 grams (0.0015m^3 x 38kg/m^3). I double-checked to make sure the dimensions of my sheet were correct. While there is a margin of error in the exact density of the foam, my foam was denser than the high-density foam sheets (mine is 69kg/m^3 vs. the high density is 60kg/m^3). That said it still makes a nice sleeping pad but I am disappointed by its actual weight.

    Glenn Taillie
    Foam is great, the info on the web page not so much

    The foam is fine, but the pictures and what you are ordering color wise don’t match, I was looking to order black foam, thought that was what I was ordering due to the picture associated to my order, turns out I ordered white although the photo was of black foam.


    Exactly what I have been looking for and a great price!

    Nicole DePasquale
    Great quality, fast shipping

    Got it super quick. It came rolled up with warnings not to open with a boxcutter (which was helpful to a new foam crafter like me). No damage, just needed it to sit out for a bit to “flatten” before tracing patterns on it. Would buy again!